Quincy Jones and the Dying Culture of Silence

Music Legend Quincy Jones is the new Sultan of Nofuckistan based on his Vulture Interview (Photo Credit: Art Streiber)

There have been many headlines in the past two years since my last post: the rise of #MeToo, an evolving conversation about #BlackLivesMatter, trans rights and people who identify as LGBTQ and the fallout and fallacy regarding Donald Trump and the fact that he is the 45th President of the United States. I’ve always felt that among celebrities and public figures there was an unspoken rule of silence that was the norm. In the year’s since I last posted that has definitely changed and I’m 100% here for it. One of the interviews that caught my eye recently was the Vulture piece featuring music legend, Quincy Jones. I hope when I get to be 84 years old, I will have as little fucks to give as he has which should speak volumes about my life and accomplishments.

Quincy Jones, In Conversation


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