Milos Turns 3 Months Today!

Time definitely flies when you’re having fun. That best describes how I feel about my new puppy. Every day is a new adventure. He has helped me learn more about myself than I have in the past year. I wanted to share some of my experiences as a pet owner (again — see below for details). It is not easy juggling work, life and raising him solo, but I’m up to the challenge. Here’s a recap of how we met. Happy 3 Months, Milos!

Milos(sevic) Rufus Wainright Chang was born on May 11th, 2015. Part Yorkie, part chihuahua and all precious. He can’t even fit into his breeder’s hand — let’s call her SPL.

Milos – 1 Day Old | May 12th 2015 | That manicure though – seriously?

I met the breeder through a dear friend who successfully secured a puppy from SPL. SPL is harsh, maybe? However, it stands for “Shady Puppy Lady”. Milos and I almost weren’t to be, as SPL “lost” the litter of puppies before our scheduled date on June 6th, a little after three.

“Someone broke into my house,” she cried on the phone on June day six. I’m no fool and was not going to fall for her tricks. Obviously she didn’t want to sell them to me or they already had a home.


The next day SPL called stating the puppies had been found, no need to go through with another carrier or to visit the local pound. SPL asked me to meet her in San Bruno to which I said “chill, if you want my time and money, you best come to Nob Hill.”

And so she did and on June 7th, Milos and I met. Up until I held him I was not sure, but he clenched my t-shirt when I grabbed him and knew he felt secure.

June 7th 2015 | Milos won’t let go

When he left my apartment that day, I knew he was meant to be mine. I sent the deposit to SPL and spent the next 30+ days getting ready for his arrival.

It had been 5 years since I last owned a dog. Five years since I tried to resort to pet ownership to fix something that was broken. This had to be different this time around. It had to be because I wanted him and was committed to giving him a good home.

My friend and I picked Milos up from SPL. I was scared that he would not remember me, but he did…

Meet Milos!

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We instantly bonded.

Sweet face. I'm in love. #MilosIsHome

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The first few days were rough. Many people asked me “how’s it going?” to which I responded, think of Julianne Moore in the hours.

This scene between Julianne Moore and Toni Collette captures my sentiment about being a dog owner again and facing fears of inferiority when speaking to other owners. “Everyone can, it’s ridiculously easy…”

I credit Milos for helping me chill out. Afterall, he’s still a baby.

Rolling on the Stockton 30 to Marina Pet Hospital #MilosIsHome

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The vet helps me as much as she does Milos. I often start our visits with anecdotes, worries and things that I have noticed to which she has replied:


To my little guy, this is only just the beginning. Thanks for reading.




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