150px-empire_state_building_28hdr29I’m looking forward to celebrating Adam’s 30th this weekend with mutual, new and old friends in New York. This marks the first trip back to New York since April 2010, the very same trip which marked the beginning of the end between myself and the ex. There’s nothing like a proposal at the top of the Empire State building (which I obviously declined) to put a damper on a city that had brought me much joy throughout my life.

I have many fond memories of New York ranging from my first trip to Coney Island at 6 years old to attending the US Open some twenty years later as a Marketing Specialist for IBM, to meeting Wayne Gretsky outside of the International Hotel, meeting Cazwell and Amanda LePore and watching James Spader, Kerry Washington and Vanessa Williams perform on broadway. That last trip was supposed to be a way to rekindle a dying flame and rest a tired mind. The beginning of the week had so much promise, and laughter, sight seeing and fine dining. The end was met with an event that forced me to make the right decision, a difficult one to put and end to something that had run its course. It would take a year for me to get truly over that week.

So much has happened in 3 years and the passage of time had made it very easy to look back and be at ease with that experience. I couldn’t be more at peace with what happened and more excited about the weekend ahead. I hope Adam knows how desperately I’m in the mood to party and to make this trip one to remember.


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