A few words – Wow!

Me: 2012 Co-Eloquan of the Year with Umair Akeel
Me: 2012 Co-Eloquan of the Year with Umair Akeel

Earlier tonight, I was honored alongside my colleagues and friends at our annual awards. Suffice it to say I’m honored, humbled and excited. It has been a great 6 years and it all started when I had decided to look for other opportunities outside of IBM. I went to a company my mother had not heard of and I left coworkers who thought I would be back in 6 months. Everyone thought I was crazy. I knew I wanted a balance between the roles I previously held at IBM – a mix of operations, sales and marketing. Who knew that in the years that followed, I would have this day and a minute to reflect on all that has happened since I joined Eloqua.

Thank you to those who sent heartfelt emails, texts and messages. Immediately after the awards, I called my sister who had the opportunity to meet my colleagues and got a sense of some of the most brilliant people that I have ever met. Following happy hour, I made two more calls — one to my mother, who can pronounce “Eloqua” to perfection and another to former Eloquan who was not among the crew tonight, but was instrumental in helping me ramp up back in 2007. I respect the opportunity I have to do something that I love and am happy to have had all of the experiences and opportunities that I have had to learn and grow. Who knows what the end game is — what I know is I appreciate what has happened and I look forward to what’s to come…



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