My 10 Random Observations about San Francisco

There’s a lot that I have seen and experienced in my daily dealings here in ‘The City’. Here are my Top 10.

  1. Every girl looks like Zoey Deschanel or Dita Von Teese on purpose
  2. Pride happens at least 10 times per year
  3. The Giants pose a threat to safety in the city when they are winning
  4. Every other gay man with an online profile is in an open relationship
  5. I am the only black man for miles in Nob Hill
  6. The homeless are not too proud to beg
  7. No matter how cold or late it is, someone is always running with headphones in and booty shorts
  8. A busy coffee shop doesn’t have to serve good coffee; wifi is more important
  9. You are likely to find someone with a hoodie or Chuck Taylors on within a mile radius
  10. Good luck finding a seat for brunch without a reservation

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