Happy Pride ’12!

Show your Pride this weekend!

I am wishing my friends in Toronto a very Happy Pride! I have very fond memories from over a decade — Wilde Oscars with Jared, Friday Grapefruit (I had a 5 year streak going), the parade, the drop-ins, Darren on my shoulders at the 519, Deborah Cox in the rain at Wellesey station, watching Robert whiz by on the golf cart, meeting Ed and Rafa’s friends from Boston, all of it. Pride kisses Toronto and brings to life and I very much hope that is the same sentiment even though I’m not there to enjoy it.

I had a great time in San Francisco experiencing Pride here thanks to Adam, Matthew, Kevin, Warren and Michael. I’m so happy that Michael Peterman was in town as he brought that touch of home that I was missing and I know they will miss me this weekend. I couldn’t imagine taking in all of what the city had to offer last weekend – the parade, open concerts at Civic Center, parties at Ruby Skye and Jones Bar, plus the scene in Castro from day to night. Relative to Toronto, I would say that San Francisco had a longer dim sum menu of options — I felt the spirit of Toronto Pride in San Francisco, the difference being one was more familiar.

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Happy and Safe Pride Everyone!

-Adrian xo


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