Chang – Then (December) and Now (June)

June 2012
December 2011

I was scrolling through my phone earlier today and I stumbled upon some photos from December 2011 and compared against a photo from the past weekend.  I’ve undergone a pretty substantial physical transformation in a short amount of time; reluctantly taking the advice of a trainer who told me what I needed to do if I was serious at the end of February to get set for a mid May wedding. No carbs, no bread, no pasta, two drinks per week only — and the list continued. Running for 30 minutes at 7.0 mph at least twice per week was also among his recommendations. Sergio, you da man! I remember kicking off the process with a cleanse – I always felt I had a build up of toxins that despite being somewhat active, had prevented me from dropping a pound. I still eat very well — salads, lean mears, smoothies, vegetables, protein bars, and restaurants that offer a variety of foods without a side of fries. I even still managed to find a way to eat Maverick’s fried chicken. In the months leading up to my sister’s wedding, I made peace with food with whom I had long had a tumultous, but orally statisfying relationship. I also embraced fitness in a way I have not in years with the hope that it will lead me to my first championship title (singles or doubles).

So how much did I actually lose? My guess is 30lbs. I’ve gained muscle over the past few weeks so the scale is telling me a different story than how I actually feel. I’m telling people 30lbs. It’s the reference point that I have back to when certain clothes fit. I get to throw out the jeans I bought specifically for Dreamforce 2011. The last time I rocked these measurements was in my final year of university.

When I look at that December photo, I am reminded of all of the attempts that failed to get into better shape, the stress of the move, the pain of my grandfather’s death, and angst about a past relationship where I saw the end as my failure. My grandfather’s passing was a wakeup call; even though he lived to be 82, we have diabetes on both sides of our family, a tradition of rich, delicious food and excessive consumption. I knew I had to be willing to make some changes and with the wedding on the horizon it all made sense. I had great support from my family, to coworkers in the San Francisco office, to friends back home who cheered me on leading up to the wedding and the staff from Sports Club LA where I currently train from 3-5x per week plus tennis. I have it under better control now because it’s now a “lifestyle” adjustment versus a sacrifice. It’s still a work in progress. There is a little fat boy in me that still craves sweets, and fried foods once in a while — just not all the time and not in times of crisis.



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