Finally: “I’ve earned my first USTA Singles Win for my team!”

You get the idea – I’m stoked

A few hours ago, I had a taste of my first victory in singles on our USTA Team (Home: SF State University). Playing against Golden Gate Park, a tough team who handled us when they were hosting us a few weeks back (Dave Wacker came to watch me play that day!), we had another tough tie. I went down in 3 sets when we last met that team — trail blazing in the first set and then crashing out in the final two (I believe Karl def. Adrian 2-6, 6-1, 6-0).

Today against a pretty tough opponent, the kind who gives me all kinds of trouble – slicing, dicing, spins, I felt the fruits of my labor and prevailed 6-7(3), 6-3, 6-1 (by fruits, I’m referring to losing 25lbs since I’ve moved to SF, changing up my diet and ensuring I hit the gym and play tennis between 3-5x per week). I recovered from losing the first set knowing full well I partially beat myself and was playing an opponent who knew how to throw me off balance. Screams and fist pumps could be heard and seen at our home courts — all from me. I stayed positive throughout and usually when my mind wanders, my body follows. It’s nice to see that happening less and less. I’ve also taken on a coach and we gel very well together. Thanks to you Tim Connolly for your help.

I’m looking ahead to Seattle where I hope to build on this and leave with some hardware. It’s time to get everything – my game, my focus, and my fitness in order at the same time. I have a good feeling about the tennis to follow in 2012.

Next from me – expect to hear about Punta Cana and the Byrd’s wedding.


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