Happy Birthday and the uninvited guest!

Thanks Garret for the Jager shot!
Special thanks the boys for a fun night and to Garret for the shot!

I should be asleep, but my ears are buzzing from tonight, the Madonna party and the buzz around my birthday. Thanks to those who texted and called in advance and to Matt, Adam and Garret for ringing in the night with me. I have not posted much in the past few weeks as I was on vacation and celebrating Mr and Mrs. Byrd’s weddding in Punta Cana.

I had a lot of fun ringing in my birthday and Kimora decided to make an appearance. Kimora is the uninvited guest; many of you regular readers know I have named my mean alter ego after diva-supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons. Adrian said goodbye to Matt, then Adam and Garret and then was greeted by a stranger who happened to be dancing with a drag queen. Suffice it to say, the stranger — having remembered my thought process — “decent, heavy, doable, maybe I would lie to my friends about it, cute, umm, maybe if there was more light, ok I’ll dance kind of cute”. We danced for a bit, and he started to get forward — kissing, leering, touching,…the whole bit. I backed off merely to get a name — primarily to restate the name before saying game over. Turns out I didn’t need to as he ran right into the goomba. Boy decides to dance and tell me that he was already dancing with someone, whom he loved and found out that he had a boyfriend. Enter Kimora. Note it was well past 12. Already my birthday. He asked “can I dance with you?”. I looked into his puppy eyes, and said “no.”

He looked shocked. Surprised, even. I gave him more to chew on. “Many would love the silver medal, not me. Do I look like Michelle Kwan? I can’t easily dance with you knowing you fully want someone else.” Word for word that’s what I said. The boy, average at best, was mad. It’s what I felt and what I meant. Of all days, the thought of playing second fiddle would be most contentious today and likely all year if not for all years to follow. It’s amazing how many people forget we have our own worlds, thoughts and desires. Lesson learned and happy Birthday!



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