Adrian & Amanda at Chalk Hill: Gorgeous day, just getting started at our first winery!

Hats off to Amanda for setting up an amazing day in Sonoma. On my many trips to San Francisco over the past 4 years, I’ve

Foursquare: All the places we covered!

had the opportunity to experience Napa twice – once in 2010 with Aaron and Monica and last August with a bunch of coworkers. Sonoma lacked the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of Napa, but had all of the beauty, taste and charm required to make the day go by smoothly. I had a great time — and figured I might as well ease of up on the diet since I would be having wine all day and managed to fit in a burger when we stopped off for lunch at Barndiva. Of all the places we hit, my heart and tastebuds remained at Chalk Hill – the atmosphere, buttery chardonnay, bold syrah — great way to kick off the day. I have to also give a nod to Williamson; their wines, when paired are second to none. Looking forward to my next trip to Sonoma. For now, enjoy the photos!

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