Wanted to share…

Adrian Chang (Me) – May 2, 2012

A few days ago I spoke with a friend who recently had a birthday and he reminded me that I had not posted anything new to WordPress over the past few weeks. This pretty much takes me out of the #postoftheweek challenge for 2012. In any event wanted to share a few key highlights since my last post:

Last month in LA, I kicked off my competitive tennis season and I cruised to a nice win in singles and fizzled afterwards. Not my best showing but felt great in the desert.

I’m starting to see the gains from the combination of diet and exercise from February of this year until now

I love the fact that I completed one of my dreams which was to join the USTA. Unfortunately I have yet to win a singles or doubles match

I hired a tennis coach to address what I think is a technical problem with my footwork; I may be lighter and quicker, but I’ve learned, I’m not necessarily better. We hit tonight and I will continue to see him in preparation for the USGO, Seattle and the Summer Circuit (likely Detroit)
I’m very much single, but dating

I’m looking forward to my sister’s big day and having some well deserved time off (the batteries need to recharge)

-That’s all for now! AC


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