Uber: Everyone’s Private Driver

He would take an Uber.

A few weeks ago, Sierra and I went out for dinner in North Beach. She texted me to say she was going to pick me up and “grab an Uber”; little did I know that the two components were related. I remember standing on the street corner waiting for what I thought would be Sierra in a car or a yellow cab, however, just past where I was, I saw a suspicious black town car had just stopped and put its flashers on. If you haven’t guessed by now, the Uber is a way for you to have your own private driver, on demand and all you have to do is put your location into your iPhone.

I’ve used the service a few times and loved it. It’s not cheap, but what it does is give you another option outside of trying to flag down your regular run of the mill cab and a convenient way to pay for the ride. The app is

Meet Marcello!

free from iTunes but you must setup an account with uber.com (credit card info required). Once that is done, you can simply key in your location (what street corner) and then push “request pickup”. At that time you’ll see a map with Uber’s in your vicinity, the one that’s closest to you and the one slated to pick you up. Your driver’s name will appear on your phone –

The interior

they will also know who you are if you have an account and likely will address you by first name. There were a few days after 2-3 hour tennis practices where I was glad to see Marcello or David. Once you are at your destination, the driver stops the meter with this phone, you get an email receipt and you can rate your driver and submit comments via your phone. Each driver’s rating is then adjusted and you can decline a driver based on a past experience or their rating.

Let’s be real here. Somedays you do not feel like the yellow cab. The Dos Equis man would likely pick up his iPhone and dial an Uber if he had to take a cab. Even Katherine Chancellor, god forbid if her driver or Esther were both not around to take her to the Colonade Room, she’d likely subscribe to this service. Always nice to have this handy option. Kudos to Uber for coming up with this innovative service that can allow me to complete the transaction without my wallet (like Starbucks). Can’t wait to see what the bars come up with.


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