I remember Whitney Houston…

Whitney Houston, 48, will be buried this weekend. Most awarded female singer of all time.

The news of Whitney Houston’s death hit me pretty hard on Saturday. I was out working on my serve at Lafayette Park and then I received a text from Jake saying “Oh no, Bobbi Christina”. Within seconds, I hit Google on my phone and lo and behold that’s how I found out about Whitney’s passing. I just spoke with my mother for the first time since the news and read through a number of Facebook posts; it’s not like I knew Whitney personally, but she was there for many key moments in my life. I remember family outings being in our van and listening to her music – “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. The Bodyguard was my first tape from Columbia House and was among the first CDs that we bought from Music World when we got our CD player the movies my sister, mother and I watched together as a family at Hillcrest Mall. She was the closing slow song for every elementary school dance in Grade 7 and 8 after The Bodyguard was released.

So much has been said about her and her ability to handle fame, her life and rocky times. That’s her business and I hope her family will be able to carry on and that the current generation of Adele lovers still find the time to play a little Whitney.  Thanks to God for letting us have her and for taking her back so she can find rest. Rest in peace, Whitney.


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