5 Annoying Celebratory Moves from Women’s Sports

Andrea Petkovic, German WTA Tour Player sunsets 'Petko' Dance amid feedback that it was disrepectful to her competitors

This week, German #1 and top 20 WTA Tennis Player Andrea Petkovic announced that she would be sunsetting her ‘Petko Dance’amidst feedback from opponents and her father that it was “disrespectful”. The dance isn’t much of a dance but I would agree with critics and pundits that the dance was in fact annoying. I’ve watched matches where fans love Andrea so much that even after a loss, the crowd has demanded to see this dance. Andrea isn’t the only figure in women’s sports with not-so-lady-like manners in competition; below are some of the others:

US Women’s Volleyball Team

After every point, this is how the US Women’s volleyball team celebrates each point from the sidelines. In all honestly, it’s not that annoying from a fan perspective, plus it looks like they trying to show their team some support, however, it’s to the detriment of the non American host team.

Michelle Kwan

2011 United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame Inductee - Michelle Kwan, pictured here in 1996 at the end of her long program

Before the most decorated female figure skater in history, American Michelle Kwan won her first world title, the 15th year old had to cross the first major hurdle, the trials competition known as US Nationals. This was back in 1996 and Michelle Kwan skated as well as she did all season — good enough for first place, a few wobbles, but overall she convinced the audience that she was well beyond the age of 15 (or a hooker with too much makeup). At the end of her program (4:35), Michelle stood in her final position until the music ended and chastized herself infront of the arena and millions on TV.

She quickly made a gunshot with tongue wagging gesture followed by a series of ‘gunshots’ to end her pose. The gunshots were annoying as hell; what a way to leave a lasting impression with the judges (she would win the title that year and a few more years to end her career with 9 US titles). In a couple of years we would see a series of finger gestures in the kiss and cry when she said her best wishes to her friends, family, and her ALF doll in a less annoying fashion, but still very obnxious. Glad she put both moves on ice as her career went on.

Elizabeth Lambert

New Mexico Lobos #15 soccer star Elizabeth Lambert needs to be put on ice. While this is not focused on specific wins, you can clearly see that a few red cards should have been thrown her way for bad conduct and unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Venus Williams

In this final from 1998 Lipton Tournament, Venus Williams beats Anna Kournikova in a tough 3 setter and from 13:13 onward, Venus shows her youth in this post match celebration that goes on for at least 30+ seconds. If I didn’t love Venus so much, I would have posted the 2005 Final celebration following her defeat of Lindsday Davenport in the Wimbledon Final.


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