Did I really do that? The trends I remember from the 90s

We loved you Steve Urkel, but we're glad you're off the air much like the trends in this list.

Even though I am many years removed from elementary and high school, I still remember the pressure of fitting in, being on trend and avoiding ridicule from your classmates. Trends moved quickly from shoes, to music to cologne and there were certain staple items you had to have at that time frame to be part of the trend. Here’s some of the things I remembered harassing my parent’s for, and I put the things I received in bold. Spark any memories for you?

  • Patrick Ewing Sneakers #32 (Grade 7)
  • The Silk Dress Shirt (Grade 8)
  • The wide-leg ‘Silver’ jeans (Houser pants) (Grade 7)
  • Reebok Pump Shoe (Grade 6 and it came back recently!)
  • Large demin Overalls (ongoing)
  • World Famous Knapsack (White and Black) (ongoing)
  • ‘A Different World’-Dwyane Wayne-flipping glasses (Grade 7)
  • A denim dress shirt (Grade 7)
  • Bomber jacket (Grade 5)
  • Vuarnet France T-Shirt (Grade 6)
  • Davidoff Coolwater Cologne (ongoing)

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