3 Reasons Why I might Watch the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice

When a Facebook Friend posted a link about the upcoming celebrity apprentice, I had to check out the “celebrities” who would be looking to this forum to extend their 15 minutes to return from obscurity to support a charity of their choosing. This crew looks to have a wide mix of people and I’m sure it will make for excellent ratings and fireworks. Here’s why I’m stoked about this edition:

1. There are more queens on this season than in a deck of cards.

Teresa from RHNJ: You know she will bring the drama to the boardroom

Teresa Giudice of Housewives fame will bring a balance of her spicy Italian fire, table flipping and all plus her real-life experience as a best selling author. She’s fought Danielle, bankruptcy, her own family and has the type of bite that turns the Donald on. Put her in the same place as George Takei and Clay Aiken; two celebrities whose trademark can be traced to two different series will also add some additional flavour to the cast, not just culturally, but because they’re both openly gay. The only queen with a crown, Former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza should be an interesting addition to the cast – everyone will likely assess if she’s all beauty, brain or a balance of both. Let’s not forget Cheryl Tiegs, the Californian model of years past and Victoria Gotti – both women who are likely going to bring boldeness and brains to the table for Season 5.

2. Lisa Lampanelli takes shit from no one.

Lisa Lampanelli: Comedienne and funny lady - just what Season 5 needs

Even if she gets eliminated in the premiere, she’s tough, funny and direct. If you have never seen her peform live, you should make a point to see her or watch videos of her on YouTube. Check out her performance below from the David Hasselhoff Roast. I want to see how she reacts with her back against the wall fighting for her life against Mr. Trump.

3. The rest of the cast has potential to carry the show should the firecrackers get fired early.

The Hulk, an 80s pop sensation, a Venezuelan actress/model, Tia Carrere (who knew she won 2 Grammys in addition to her acting resume), a car racer plus the one-time rival for the King of Late night Arsenio Hall are all bound to factor heavily in the laughs, tense moments and blunders from season 5.

Last season, NBC had my attention with Nene and Star going at each other like Miss Celie and Sophie in the corn fields in Color Purple. It was great television, however, it fizzled leading up the finale which I opted not to watch. Let’s see if Season 5 is able to sustain my attention.


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