Rafa - by Rafael Nadal (& John Carlin) - a must read for any current follower of today's game

Minutes ago, I just completed reading Rafa, the self-titled autobiography of 10-time Grand Slam champion tennis future hall-of-famer Rafael Nadal (assisted by John Carlin). If you’re into today’s game, you’ll enjoy this book that takes snapshots of his life; his attachment to Mallorca (home time), his burning desire to win Wimbledon, his family, his health, respect for his rivals and the intricacies of his relationships with the close members of his team. What’s interesting is that he predicts the rise of Novak Djokovic which we have all enjoyed in 2011 (book released in 2010). As a tennis player myself, I completely understood the highs and lows that Nadal covers in this book from a match play perspective and enjoyed those elements. However, those who have followed his career will understand how his family provides the source of his competitive nature and tension which proves to be what he needs to stay grounded and play his best tennis. Very well-written and I highly recommend this for any tennis fan or player, past or present.

Other autobiographies that I’ve read that you might enjoy:


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