The Sabbatical

What if you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/lover could take a ‘free-for-fall’ sabbatical from one other? This means you could have an open arrangement; go off and satisfy all of your fantasies without that person, but some back with the union intact? That was the topic of conversation that I brought up last night while out among friends based on a conversation I had with a coworker in San Francisco.

My coworker was telling me about a filmmaker friend who was about to bring ‘The Sabbatical’ to life. It’s about a same-sex male couple who already has this as part of their arrangement – every year they take a complete break (a month) and come back to the union. Their relationship is intact and they challenge the notion that monogamy is natural, so this break allows the core relationship to exist. This couple meets a heterosexual couple and I forget if the plan is to have them discuss this at a bar or over dinner, but the gays share their experience with the break from one another and the film will focus on how the heterosexual couple takes this concept and applies it to their own relationship.

This film has yet to be released, but the concept is an interesting one which explores the union between two people and the factors that would drive them to pursue a “sabbatical” from one another. Is it a means to end the relationship or the only way to break up the monotony of monogamy? Either way, it’s an interesting concept and conversation starter.


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