VIDEO: Australian Open Flashback – Serena vs. Maria 2005 Semis

Serena celebrates winning a point during her semi against Maria Sharapova

Classic match where the divine Ms Williams battles match points and a tough opponent to earn her 7th Grand Slam title (99, 02 US, 03 AO, 02 FO, 02,03 Wimby). Serena lost a string of matches to Maria in 2004 – her comeback at Wimbledon and the Year Ending Championships. It was clear that she had some unfinished business to do with Maria Sharapova; the H2H since this match has heavily favoured the younger Williams sister. I believe this match has a lot to do with Maria Sharapova’s rise to fame, power and fortune as much as it was about her tennis. At this time, Maria was starting to build her empire, worldwide admiration and took over from Serena as the top female athlete in terms of earnings and endorsements. Can’t wait for the next 42 days to pass until the action and drama resumes at the Australian Open.


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