The Chang Sibling Rivalry – Adrian vs. Shara

Shara vs. Adrian: I break us down across a number of categories

My sister and I have a great relationship. I am looking forward to walking her down the aisle in May 2012 and hopefully that will prove that once and for all that we are not the same person. For years we were lumped together by family and friends citing things like “oh you have the same mannerisms”, “you look so much alike”, but we are very different people with different interests and talents. If I were to pick the winners between us across a number of categories, here’s how I think the Adrian vs. Shara results would play out:

  • Most Competitive: Adrian
  • Friend of the Year: Shara
  • Most Athletic: Adrian
  • Likely to Win ‘Chopped’: Adrian
  • Most organized: Shara
  • Shit Disturber: Adrian
  • Mom would say makes the best meal: Shara
  • Mom would say makes the best dessert: Adrian
  • Mom would say is more patient: Adrian
  • Most Patient: Shara
  • Most Likely to get a Tattoo: Shara
  • The one who will win a heated debate: Shara
  • The Diva: Shara
  • The Romantic: Shara

Wonder what Shara would say? For those who know us, would you agree?


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