My Guilty Pleasure – Chelsea Handler


Chelsea Handler - 2011 Glamour Woman of the Year and the Queen of Late Night

Chelsea Handler - 2011 Glamour Woman of the Year and the Queen of Late Night

Chelsea Handler is well on her way to becoming a multi-media mogul. When I first began travelling to the US more frequently for work, I remember being lucky enough to catch her round table and her antics on the show. Sex, masturbation, alcoholism, politics, pop culture, race relations, dating – there’s no topic off limits and her interviews are among some of the most memorable that I’ve seen on late night. She has managed to take her wit and spin it into a collection of best-selling books – all of which I have read personally (almost finished Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, but read Lies, Vodka, and Horizontal Life, my personal favourite). I was quite angry when we lost E!Canada for a while and my only fix was through a series of interim trips and podcasts. Now that it’s back, her show is among those that gets to eat up my PVR.

Chelsea is up there with the other funny ladies in terms of just being funny – Margaret Cho, Kathy Kriffin are also among my faves. The difference for me is she’s managed to live on my Kindle as well as my TV which the others have yet to do. She’s also paved the way for other comedians like Josh Wolf, Whitney Cummings and Loni Love who have gone on to enjoy mainstream success. To Chelsea, I wish you continued success, keep shit disturbing and congratulations on your recent honour as Glamour’s Woman of the Year.

Follow her on Twitter – @ChelseaHandler and the show @ChelseaLately


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