Blendr: Good for the goose and gander?

[Disclaimer: This post includes coarse language and sexuality]

Blendr - Grindr for straights, soon to be everyone?

Recently the geniuses behind Grindr, the mobile networking technology that uses GPS technology to allow men to find other men in their current surroundings for chatting, networking and casual hookups have released a unisex version of the application called, Blendr. The objective of Blendr is to provide the same access to other individuals who chose to be there for the same purpose, except it’s open to everyone, both men and women with a stronger emphasis on networking versus casual sex. Whether or not the app lends itself to more meaningful relationships or turns out to be ‘Fuckbook’ for straight people, 2 things are certain: 1. Technology will continue to bring people closer to what matters to them; and 2. It won’t be long until the gays take it over.

1. Technology will continue to bring people closer to what matters to them.

Everyone knows how much I love my iPhone. It was a life changing purchase back in 2009: I could pay bills online, make night plans, share experiences in real time through Facebook and Twitter and also reach family and friends via apps like Skype, Whatsapp and Viber. I also love pizza and for the longest time it was easier to order a penis than a pizza via some of these social apps geared towards the gay community (thank you Pizza Pizza for stepping up and making an app, even though my heart belongs to Dominos). To live in a man’s head is to know that you are thinking about having sex every 5 minutes and it was a stroke of genius to take the static networking sight and put it in the phone so now it’s easier to make that hit-and-run if that’s your thing. Who has time for anymore? Even POF and the back and forth, and the “getting to know you lines” especially if you have a one-track mind. Not everyone does, but for the guy on the go who’s hungry for a quick fix, the cliche term now hold’s true – “there’s an app for that”. I can’t imagine that Blendr will take on that persona to the same degree that Grindr has for being a “hookup app”; it has not been marketed that way and the mix of genders should prove to keep things interesting.

2. It won’t be long until the gays take it over.

An Actual Profile on Blendr: I hear you, I was thinking the same thing.

Earlier today at lunch, my friends and I decided to download Blendr and check it out on our phones. What I didn’t expect was to see how many out and proud gays as part of the network. One could see this as an attempt to crouch onto straight territory, however I do not believe that is the most prevalent reason as to why gays will continue to migrate over to Blendr. The association to Grindr is one that will invite people to mark you with all of the typical gay stereotypes – promiscuity being the major one. The fact is, an app isn’t entirely going to fix that since people chose their actions, but breaking the association will help by not using that app. Also, today there are many who are in same-sex relationships with the same trimmings that exist with opposite sex couples – children, marriages, home ownership, you name it with more progress to come over time. Why not have 1 app? The fact that the premise of the intent is lessoned with Blendr, why not have everyone on one app, fishing in the same pond, communicating with everyone and if experimentation happens, let it happen.

This is where I’m going to land this post – it is good for the goose and the gander. Everyone can choose to use whichever app brings them the most utility. I will say however that the thought of there only being 1 app that everyone gets to use for connecting with others is nice, but we’re not there yet.


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