Art Projects from 12 years ago…

Long before this blog (on WordPress and MSN Spaces) and before I served as the webmaster for the SGPS at Queen’s University (my apologies), I created a free website at The url, seemingly gone from my memory popped back into my head shortly after reading my Facebook newsfeed and a post from a fellow coworker. Thirty seconds later, I typed in the URL, and found some of my old sketches and paintings from over 12 years ago. It has been 10 years since I last painted anything and even though I’ve made mention of trying to get back into the habit, I’ve failed to make it happen.

Click here to visit the site as it current stands on the www. I’m still Facebook friends with those who received a portrait and the majority of the items are still at my family home or were given away. I’m looking forward to adding to my collection – ten years is a long time and during my next vacation, I definitely plan to pick up the brush again. Cheers, AC.


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