Julia Goerges: More than just a pretty face on the WTA Tour

Julia Goerges clenches fist at Porsche Grand Prix in Stuttgart

I have been impressed with Julia Goerges, one of the rising young women tennis players in the WTA top 50 who has recently won the Porche Tennis Grand Prix Singles Title in Stuttgart. The German native has definitely filled some of the void I’ve felt with the absence of the Williams Sisters – her hard-hitting, big serving style has been great to watch as she took out her country woman (Lisicki), last year’s clay court killer who failed to win Roland Garros (Stosur) and the current #1 (Wozniacki).

Most of the hype this week centered around Andrea Petkovic, the outgoing, quirky player who is German’s #1 on the WTA Tour. Caroline Wozniacki prevented this German from reaching the semis, but succumbed to Julia in the final (wait for Youtube clips to surface to see Julia’s reaction to winning the match). I’ve watched Julia in the quarters, semis and the final and there are 5 great things that I like about her game:

  1. Movement – She moved well on this red clay to get into position to set up her shots well. For a tall woman, she moves better than anyone.
  2. Serve – Julia has a great serve out wide and up the T. There’s a little extra motion on the backswing, but the motion ensures that she gets the racket and the tossing arm up at the same time and it works.
  3. Forehand – On clay, this forehand will do serious damage. She has time to take the racket back and then power through it. She likes taking the balls higher than waist level and comes over the ball well to hit the corners. Wozniacki failed to try to hit the ball to the center to take away the angles and this hurt her. On the run, this forehand is lethal and she should have a good run at the French if she holds her nerve.
  4. Attitude – She pumps her fists, doesn’t get down on herself and stays very positive on court. Great confidence for this young player.
  5. Down the line groundstrokes – I like that she goes to this shot to put a real exclamation point after a long rally.  She used this shot well on the backhand side to get to a ball Stosur thought she put away in the semis.

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All in all, she’s more than a pretty face. Julia and her BLX Open are poised to do more damage if she continues to play the way that she did thus far during the clay court season.

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Caroline Wozniacki loses to Julia Goerges in Stuttgart

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