Yes to the Dress?

While on vacation in Maryland with my mom, my sister and her fiance, three of the four of us took some time to help my sister, pick the right dress for her 2012 nuptials. It will be a destination wedding; I’ve never been to one before and I’m pretty excited. I have enough time to give up complex carbohydrates and get into decent shape (I’ll have to schedule a serious tennis tournament to serve as motivation around the date of the wedding). My mom and my sister are both headstrong (read: stubborn), but they agreed on the style of the dress that she should consider. I offered my opinions here and there, but ultimately the call is my sister’s to make. I’m happy for my sister as she prepares for this next phase in her life. She’ll beat me in the race to the alter, but between us and a select few, we both know who was the first to receive a proposal. For what it’s worth, I’m glad she’ll win this round. The hunt for the right dress for now will continue.


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