LG Fashion Week 2011

What I saw - MICALLA, Duy & KRANE

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending, the Wednesday matinee show at LG Fashion Week (The Business of Fashion) with coworker and friend, Lori Niles Hofman. As luck would have it, the stars aligned for us to be able to attend. I couldn’t have found a better guide than Lori, a 4-year veteran attendee and enthusiast to spend this afternoon with. We had fun, enjoyed the fashion and a little fun with Special K.

The shows themselves each were memorable in their own right and for different reasons. MICALLA’s show featured exquisite jewelry – pearls, diamonds, stones. Duy aimed to show how the modern woman would transition from day to evening with many looks which looked both cohesive and expensive. Despite a few stumbles here and there (some of the models could not handle the shoes), the Duy show rocked. The final show that I took in was KRANE – dark palette, well made clothes – not particularly my style, but definitely the right way to end the afternoon shows.

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Click here for more information on LG Fashion Week.


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