Dinner or Jail (and why the former won on Sunday)

On Sunday night, I headed up to my mom’s to take her out for dinner. Of course the trip was not without some level of excitement and drama. I was chatting with Ed about the weekend on the drive up (on law abiding headset and all) until I pulled up to the house. Put my key in the lock and then heard the soothing voice of the alarm, stating “ARMED”. It had never occurred to me that I would forget the alarm or not have it in my phone, but I did. I tried multiple combinations; each one failed, and I could hear the family cat wailing in the background. It was about 5pm and my mom was headed home from a viewing that ended a full hour earlier so I thought she might have been home to save me, but alas, she had not reached yet.

After the third attempt, the alarm went off, sounding all through the house and the yard. I flipped out and thought the cops would be here soon. Then a moment of calm came over me. The decision to stay in the house through the end of the alarm would have meant crossing paths with law enforcement. The following words ran through my head: “I’m Adrian Chang, visiting my mother in Richmond Hill who was not home yet and I used my key and forgot the code.” Naturally, I did what any self-respecting person would do when faced with the same predicament; got the hell out of my house and went to the local BestBuy to (a) avoid the authorities and (b) wait for my mom to call and tell her what happened.

The story ends with (b). After 20 minutes of bolting from my house, my mom called, said she was home and I told her the story. She laughed — she’s Jamaican so she repeated what I said, and then she laughed again. I left shortly thereafter from BestBuy and saw white car in the driveway; obviously from the alarm company. I let mom know when she opened the door and she addressed the cops. He gave her a look like she was in the wrong house, but we ended up having another laugh before we headed off to Lin Garden. He bought the story and was on his his way. I wish there was a better moral to this story, but there isn’t aside from knowing that if you are fast enough, even you could bend the law.


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