December is running away from me

The holidays are fast approaching! I cannot believe Christmas is less than a week away. I’ll try to blog when I can, but wanted to share some highlights on December thus far.

  • Made peace with an old friend, nothing more, but glad I did it
  • Had a memorable time at Dreamforce 2010 in San Francisco
  • Suffered a tough loss at my final OTA Tournament. I will end another year without a singles win on the GLTA, OTA or TLGTA circuit
  • Great coworker sendoff for Ed and Vanessa: On the 15th, a group of us went to Fynn’s to bid farewell to two peers whom I would consider to be great friends. We wished them well. Lori get all the credit for coming up with an awesome idea for a gift – allowing attendees to draw a piece of a picture puzzle as their present. You can catch mine here. [ Photos: ]
  • Came up with a name for the new blog that I am planning to launch, talking about anecdotes on the job for marketers…expect the word “Pathfinder” to appear in the title

In the event that this is the last post before the holidays or 2011 for that matter (I doubt it). Take care and god bless.


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