Monster Beats by Dre

You'll never use the out of the box iPhone earphones again

This morning I was sporting my new in-ear headphones and it caught the attention of the guys working the a.m. shift at the Queen/Bathurst Starbucks in downtown Toronto. They were in awe over my earbuds that I had plugged into my iPhone. With my gym bag, laptop bag, umbrella and iphone in hand, I let them know how much I love my Beats. I know I have spent hundreds on headphones over the years (if not more) in search for the perfect sound. The classic Apple iPhone buds, just don’t cut it for me, but they held me over as I worked my way through a long list of options that included Scosche and V-Mode and some replacement Apple buds (blame the dog). The Scosche’s were great up until the sound started to die and I was no longer a fan of their *new* clicker. The V-Modes came highly rated across many sites, but I just didn’t like them with the high split between the left and right buds. They also didn’t sit well in my ears for some reason even though they come with a few different adjusters.

My first pair - great for travel

My first taste of the quality of the brand was back in May when I picked up the white Studio phones at an Imation store in San Francisco. I travel quite a bit and wanted a pair of noise canceling phones for those flights back and forth from YYZ to SFO. Instantly fell in love with these phones – they look sleek, have great packaging and come with a standard connector and one that allows me to operate my iPhone hands free (volume control and mic enabled). The issue that I have is they are often too big to haul around everywhere and I don’t like wearing them around my neck through the airport. It was at that time that I went through earbuds like Kim Zolciak burns through cigarettes on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I finally decided to get the Monster in ear buds because I also wanted something for the gym that was practical, but also gave me enough bass to get through a gruelling workout. I look at quite a few reviews and saw a mixed bag of reviews ranging from poor construction and “breaks constantly” on the negative side to great sound and a cable that never tangles on the positive. I decided to pick them up from the Apple store directly to avert any concerns on returning them should they break, but it’s been almost a week and I can’t seem to shake them.

Dr. Dre knows more than just music; he definitely knows technology. I’m still paying off the MacBook which I love, so that new HP laptop can wait. 🙂


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