Some of my earliest childhood memories include flashbacks of Halloween. Spending time with my family, the candy, begging my parents to drive me to the other neighbourhoods to see if the other houses had better candy; all great memories. Growing older meant transitioning out of trick-or-treating and going to parties and or being stuck with giving out the candy–the latter represents one of the things that I enjoy as a homeowner in Leslieville. It was great to see all of the kids, accompanied by their parents who also took this opportunity to indulge by dressing up in more than just an over coat. As I’ve gotten older, Halloween has become significantly colder, thus the excitement of seeing everyone in full, uninterrupted costumes is slowly going away.

Me as Serena Williams

Last year was a Halloween that I could not soon forget–I got into a big shouting match with my boyfriend at the time and it was on the eve of one of the most important work events held that year. I remember getting onto that plane, hung over, fuming over the argument, but committed to getting through the week ahead. My Halloween was ruined for all intensive purposes because of that, even though the week ahead proved to be memorable for myself and my peers, I never forgot about that night. In 2008, I was on the road and missed the opportunity to celebrate Halloween altogether so having a bust party in 2009 threw me over the edge. During my New York trip a few months later in 2010, I would stumble upon the dress that I would later take on to become Serena Williams. There it sat, on the rack Golfsmith and Tennis, a purple and black lycra Nike masterpiece, marked down to $20 US. I bought it and didn’t look back. Months later, I found the lacefront wig, clip on earrings, and the headband to complete the look.

My friends and I had a blast this Halloween, each of us putting our own creativity and energy into costumes that fit our personalities. I’ve long forgotten what was Halloween 2008 and 2009. I hope Chris Chase, author of Busted Racket on yahoo.com gets a load of this post as I loathe his constant badgering of both of the sisters. Hopefully this gives him something else to talk about. Looking forward to Movember!



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