Last Thursday, my trusty Canon Rebel XS and I headed off to Trinity Bellwoods Park for a planned photoshoot. Nicole, known to her close friends as “Beaker”, noticed that one of my coworkers and friend Sarita had used one of my events shots as her profile picture on Facebook. It wasn’t long before Beaker had contacted me and after weeks of trying to get our schedules to gel, we found a night that worked for us.

This was my first time directing someone for an entire shoot. Back in June, I shot a gay wedding (which I still have a tonne of edits to make), but this was different and more intimate. I picked Trinity Bellwoods because the space and the trees created options – shade when I wanted it and opportunities for direct light. Despite the fact that the park was full of people; families on blankets, frisbees flying and cyclists rolling by, Nicole and I got a chance to connect, laugh and focus on getting in the right mood to get the right shot. What do you think?

Some of my favourite shots are below. The rest can be found at my smugmug page at

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