Balls, Brioche, Birthday


The quality of this year’s Australian Open is out of this world. The men and women are going all out to win the first major of the year. Currently I’m watching Davydenko and Verdasco slug it out for a spot in the quarters. Serena has looked awesome (she’s due next on court) and her older sister Venus found her game after a shaky start in her match with Schiavone. Clijsters fizzled, Del Potro succumbed to an in-form Cilic and a wrist injury and Safina is out with a bad back. Justine Henin is back and is gaining momentum with every match. She’s more aggressive than she was prior to her retirement – stepping into the court to setup her forehand and take the balls earlier – off the ground, out of the air and charging the net. I may eat my words, but I don’t believe this is her tournament to win. Glad I am catching it all on PVR.

My tennis is coming along also – I served much better in my doubles match on Saturday night – adjusting my grip and my toss. Much easier to serve with my toss in front.


A girlfriend of mine and I recently decided to meet up for lunch. I’m glad that she was adamant about coming to Leslieville; Michael has done a better job than I have of taking the dog out to explore the neighbourhood and to experience all that it has to offer. We settled on brunch at Bonjour Brioche on Queen Street.

According to Toronto Life, it is the most well known cafe in Leslieville. It’s definitely a popular spot – we had to line up for our table and the line was at least 5 groups deep throughout the duration of our brunch. A rush of smells – baked goods, tarts, breads, will fill your nose within the first 30 seconds of stepping into the building. My friend opted to start with a croissant whereas I had the brioche with peach jam. We got to talking about our lives – my move, her fiance, my partner, the dog, the wedding,…normal stuff. We skipped the quiches (even though they are known for them) and I ordered the salmon rosti with scrambled eggs. The service was efficient – pleasant server, but also “to the point”. With the kind of traffic that was coming in and out of there, I didn’t expect to bond with my server. The food was excellent, as was the company.


Happy Birthday to Darren – thanks again for the invite. Enjoy 30. Can’t wait to turn 30 in May.


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