About 5 years ago, I broke my jaw while playing Ultimate Frisbee. When your jaw breaks, it typically breaks in two places and you have two options for recovery: 1. Kanye West – metal plates and screws around the break in the bone; resulting in minimal downtime and 2. wireframes and wires to restore my original bite. I picked #2 favouring the ability to bite over a speedy recovery. I was on fluids for 8 weeks and was able to work from home during that timeframe. Ensure, blended chicken soup, and cous-cous were my main meals. I instantly dropped 20 lbs instantly as a result of the change in diet. Since then, my bite is as good as new, however over time, the pull from the wires led to a recession of my gumline. Some recession is normal; however I’ve watched it cross over to the abnormal and opted to do something before it got any worse.

I take my dental health very seriously; a recent trip to the dentist confirmed how bad of a problem the recession was, but that I still was in good overall dental health. This Thursday, I will be having 1 of 2 grafts performed whereby gums will be sewn onto my existing gums. It’s a prevalent problem for my upper teeth than my lower teeth. They will be going to a skin bank (faster recovery) to obtain the gums for the procedure. When I started to let my coworkers and friends know that I was having this done, I was amazed at how common of a procedure this was among themselves, parents and other friends, hence it took the edge off. It’ll be about 4 weeks until I heal this time around as opposed to 8; if law of proportions hold up – I won’t miss the 10 lbs.

Will comment on how I feel following the procedure.



  1. The procedure went well – there’s some swelling, but little pain. I’m confident that I am going to get a great result out of this.

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