My Top 5 Highlights of 2009

After reading Adam Schwabe‘s top 5 of 2009, I was urged to commit to a list of my own. This has been a great year for me personally and professionally; I’ve long accepted the fact that leaving Big Blue in 2007 was the best decision for me – a decision that that became crystal clear while we were planning our vacation. I caught up with Mark, a former colleague of mine who has also gone on to great post Blue success and we shared a laugh about it. Below is my top 5 of 2009 – best wishes and best of luck for 2010.

Becoming a homeowner

I promised myself when I was 26 that I would become a homeowner by the age of 30. I’ll be the first to admit that like many Canadians, saving money was not at the forefront of my mind. Even though I have not said this out loud, I’m convinced that my best friend Codi’s move in 2007 to the downtown Toronto core is what pushed me to become more disciplined with saving more money to put towards my own purchase. In 2008, I challenged myself to save an undisclosed 5-figure amount (in Canadian) by May 2008. The idea to quantify the goal and the timeframe can be attributed to a few minutes in ‘The Secret’. I’ll admit that I was skeptical of anything that pointed to the “law of attraction” amounting to anything more than wishful thinking, but it helped me focus on the things that impeded my ability to save money. I reached the goal that I set for myself and set another goal to carry me into 2009. By my birthday in May 2009, I found the right house and thanks to Lisa Andrews was able to make the move in July of this year.

There’s a sense of pride that you feel knowing that you own your own space. Also, your value on what’s important to you becomes more heightened once you trade in your down payment for property. All in all, I stand behind the investment.

Michael and I met near the end of 2008 and we decided to date shortly thereafter. He is my partner and my best friend. He had to put up with me springing him onto my family with 15 minutes notice when I setup the first meeting. Not everyone who is part of the lgbt community gets to have that opportunity and for it to go smoothly. It just is not common. There’s also a stigma about that magnifies depending on culture, religion, or the perceptions of the company you, yourself keeps. There are thoughts, feelings and ideas that I have shared with him and him alone. I love him dearly and he was influential in making the previous item happen. I look forward to what 2010 has in store for us.

Shara’s Graduation
Shara is my kid sister who completed her dream of graduating law school earlier this year. My mother and I rallied behind her and her graduation in May was a very emotional event for us. Michael accompanied us to the ceremony and the dinner afterwards. This 3-year journey marked the first time that my sister was away from home. I know my sister’s decision to stay at home for her undergrad and Masters was partly due to my decision to leave and how it affected our family, my mother especially.  For Christmas, I gave both my mother and my sister their own hardcover book with the photos from the ceremony that I shot with my Canon Rebel. Point for me on the Christmas gifts.

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation will drive innovation for marketers the same way that ERP has for supply chain management and CRM for sales. Marketers have been warned that they will need to quantify their value to the business and be accountable for their spend. We’re on the verge of turning the corner of a tough economic year that saw the erosion of budgets, reduction of headcount and reorgs that spelled doom for marketing. More of these organizations will look to platforms like Eloqua who can help them determine how can they measure their ability to impact their bottom line. I’m glad to be part of the team at this time where excitement around automation is building and it’s clear that we are doing some great things to help marketers be successful and deliver value for their teams.

Two things here: I am taking responsibility for my game and my duties as President of TLGTA (Toronto Lesbian and Gay Tennis Association). I typically train hard for the CGO about a month prior to the tournament, and I have yet to make it past the 3rd round. I’ve left the tournament feeling that I should have won, or at least make it to the semis or quarters. I’ve finally owned up to not being in the best shape, physcially or mentally for that specific tournament. I’ve committed to trying a new training regimen to try to get into a better rhythm ahead of time. Secondly, I’m taking my role on the TLGTA committee quite seriously; I have 25 years of tradition to maintain and a desire to add new elements to the mix.

That was my 2009. Looking forward to 2010.


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