Dear WordPress

Dear WordPress,

Thank you for helping me solve a problem that it took almost a year for me to solve – consolidation of my live spaces blog and my blogspot page to produce one source of the truth. It was not easy, but I’m glad that the blogosphere that you reside in and google were available to help me close this chapter.

I credit this nifty little tool for helping me with the migration – Comments were able to come over automatically – the only work I had to do was ensure that my date fields were consistent in live spaces to ensure that the API could pick up my posts dating back to 2006.

Social media is the new shiny toy that everyone around me, professional or otherwise is gravitating towards. I was able to use wordpress’ stats to prove out that a simple push to various social media sites can drive traffic back to the blog. I pushed two of my recent posts to Twitter and Facebook and saw an immediate uplift in traffic from these sites. I’m slowly buying into this as the new shiny toy with little cost of entry and the opportunity to get instant feedback, if someone cares enough to give it to you.


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