3 Keys to Surviving your next Holiday Party

It’s that time of year again. If you happen to be one of those social butterfiles who always has to juggle which parties to attend, then, what I plan to share shouldn’t surprise you. If it is your own holiday party, note that your behaviour can impact your career (there was a story in today’s Metro that confirmed that executives remember the clown of the party). If it isn’t your office party and you are either job searching, networking or simply there to have fun, there’s still items for you to consider to ensure you make the most of the night. Here are my 3 tips for surviving your next holiday party:

1.    Be genuine about exiting a conversation. If you say you’re going to go to the bathroom, go to the bathroom. Don’t be caught talking to someone else or going to the bar just to escape your last conversation
2.    Get what you want before you exit. Tell that crush that you want to catch up, exchange numbers, find them on Facebook. Tell that contact that you want their card to followup.
3.    Eat and drink responsibly and know your limit. It might not be on your tab, but it might be on your outfit by the end of the night if you’re not careful.


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