Gaga Oh La La

Last night, my friends and I had the pleasure of checking out Ms Gaga at the ACC. She put on a great show and based on the link to the photo album below, so did we. Anytime we head out, whether its to the bar, to a party or a concert, we ‘go hard’.

The Crew

Mad props to Sarah Jane Clarke who donned a full Lady Gaga outfit to the ACC. It’s cold here in Toronto. Girl has my vote for best costume hands down. Second place to Robert for rocking a t-shirt with her likeness. For the rest of us, what we lacked in costume, we made up for in spirit. I somehow managed to get glitter on my face (which still has not come off yet, almost 24 hours later). James rocked a lightning bolt that held up well at the end of the night. Miraculously it stayed intact at Byzantium. We managed to get in a fight with some girls from the 905 and their guardian – allegedly we were pouring beer on them and called security. I wasn’t the culprit and they wouldn’t name who among us was causing the problem – but for me its simple. They were girls from the burbs with fear of the queer. Grow up and get cable, and with Gaga’s stock on the rise, expect to see us again.

The Concert

Highly entertaining concert overall. Lady Gaga knows how to work a crowd. She must have worked ‘Toronto’ into her first song the standard amount of times that any visiting artist would, however she also mentioned that we were responsible for helping her push a number of her songs to #1. In addition to her hits from The Fame Monster and The Fame, she did two renditions of “Poker Face” – the album version and the ballad version which has garnered much attention from YouTube and Saturday Night Live. Her performance was not as explosive as the recent AMAs, but overall she weaved together all of the elements – costumes, set design, lights, dancers, muscle men in order to sustain interest of the audience throughout her two hours on stage. That in itself was a bit of a letdown. I wanted some glass-breaking, some fire-tits, and more over-the-top drama. However, what I did get was a sexually charged, dynamic performance and the absence of the theatrics enabled us to focus on her music. Forgiven. A-


Concert Log:

2009 – Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Cut Copy, Presets, Moby, Seal, Elton John/Billy Joel

2008 – Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Coldplay, True Colours (Erasure, Cindi Lauper)

2007 – Beyonce, Spice Girls, True Colours (Cindi Lauper, B-52s, Margaret Cho)

2006 – Coldplay

2005 – Coldplay


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