Oh Levi

Levi Johnston
Levi Johnston - father to grandson of Sarah Palin

Level with me for a second. Within months of the collapse of your girlfriend’s mother’s failed vice-president bid, you, Levi Johnston toggle going to A-list events with Kathy Griffin and training for your upcoming Playgirl spread? Talk about a huge mess. Or is it? Word has it that you stood to make a cool $100K and you didn’t have to show any junk. Wow. You must be proud. Kudos for being able to make your way into the Palin’s storyline and extend your 15 minutes of fame. If I was Tripp, I would be campaigning for my Christmas present now.

The pics can be found at playgirl.com.

(Confession: I am having a bit of fun at Levi’s expense. Truth be told, some friends of mine and I plan on having a release party once the full shots are available).


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