Yahoo! Tennis – Are you serious?

Reading shit like this makes me nauseous. The mere suggestion that one 17-year old Melanie Oudin who has had piss-poor results since the US Open should get an ounce of credit in the rise in American tennis is proposterous and sensationalist. Also, it undermines the other story lines that made the final slam of event of the year memorable.

Here’s my list:

  1. Kim Clijsters. She has proven that dedication and hardwork lead to results. Expect her, a resurgent Henin and Serena Williams to make noise in 2010.
  2. Williams Sisters win the Doubles Title. Venus and Serena overcame bloody knees and the singles semi to thrash the top doubles team to take their 3rd Slam doubles title of the year.
  3. Juan Del Potro upsets Federer to win his first title. Expect to hear more from this kid if he doesn’t succumb to pressure
  4. Caroline Wozniacki bests Melanie Oudin and makes her first slam final. She struggled at the WTA Doha final, but you have to like how she competes. Tough loss to Dokic at the Aussie Open.
  5. Roger Federer makes his 6th consecutive US Open Final. Spare a though for this man who won his maiden French Open title this year convincingly over Soderling after ending his Australian Open in tears with the Runner Up Trophy
  6. Melanie, Ok-Oudin. Let’s not crown her just yet. Let’s see how she follows up 2009. I admit that it was nice to see her fight and grit her way through the draw, pummelling Sharapova in the process. She was the Russian killer in New York and did well to give the Americans something to cheer about.
  7. Dinara Safina. Her mind is as fragile as her brother’s Head racket. She collapsed infront of the American crowd and the pressure of being a slamless #1 is getting to her. I’m curious to see what unfolds in 2010. I suspect there’s some funny business between her and her coach and that’s messing with her head. She’s talented and I believe puts more focus in practice than her brother. If she can get out of her way, she may very well capture the French in the near future.

So yeah, I like Oudin, but not enough to put her above the years the Williamses have given us great moments in tennis history. Can’t wait for Sydney 2010.


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