Goodbye Wilson, Give me Head

The internet has changed the way in which we buy goods and services. Reviews such as this one were part of my buying process. When I am s to which in the market for a new racket, I used to take 4-5 from L’Amoreaux Tennis Center or Sporting Life, play the heck out of them and then go on gut feel with the one that I should purchase. Now with a community of bloggers, bulletin boards, youtube demonstrations (and the list goes on and on), it made it very easy to make my selection to leave Wilson and go back to Head for my stick of choice.

About 2 years ago, I was looking for another racket, having used the Shark OS White unsuccessfully for about a year. Nothing was right with that racket. I demoed the Radical Prestige (Safin’s red racket) and Djokovic’s Wilson K Factor. Loved the K Factor and opted to use it up until now. I own two of them and loved the weight of it in my groundstrokes, however, as I began to perfect my technique and became physically stronger, balls started to fly. I sought coaching, changed grips, and did everything I could to fix the problem, but ultimately decided to switch to a racket that had a higher range in terms of string tension. One Saturday morning at Ramsden Park, one of the members was trying out the YouTek Radical MP, currently used by Andy Murray on tour and he decided to let me have a go at it. I was not crazy about the colour – white, black, red, but orange? It’s my boyfriend’s favourite colour but far from mine.

When I picked it up, I noticed instantly it was a lighter racket than the Blade Tour, and it floated through the air. It gave me great pop on my forehand and on the backhand. On the serve and volley, it’s crisp, however, I didn’t love these strokes on this racketg at first. You need solid technique to work this racket, and I’d say my serve is about 60% as consistent this year as it was last year.

I love this racket and am pleased that there is an online community of tennis players, coaches and experts who helped me make this purchase. I plan to join Mayfair this winter and hopefully I’ll be among those who formally endorses this racket once I get my volley and serve together.


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