Fun at the office

This month, I decided to team up with some of my female coworkers to through a dear friend a surprise baby shower. The night before I had no clue as to how we would pull of the activities portion of the event. However, the team of us on the committee pulled it off and sent the mother-to-be on her way with a memorable send off which proved to be as enjoyable for her as it was for the rest of the team.

We played 3 games; only 2 I take credit for. The first was a “name the baby contest” whereby I mixed in known team members with celebrities and handed out scorecards. The second one involved trying to guesstimate the circumference of the mother’s belly. The men outplayed the women with this one, all of their streamers were dead on. The third was a play on a game that mimics what I believe parents have to go through on a regular basis – “dress your baby” in 2 minutes or less. There were 3 teams, each had a cardboard baby and had to dress up the baby using materials in the room – toilet paper, markers and streamers. The men again were pretty involved, often assuming leadership roles. The competitive nature of the game was also hard to miss; each team was trying to play up to the mother who would be picking the teams. In the end, the right team one, but it was more enjoyable to watch the team collaborate, laugh and support another member who was about to embark on a new journey.


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