“My game is in decline”

The Ugly Truth

It’s simple. My tennis game is in decline.

  1. Fitness matters. It is used to be tough to get a ball past me, now I’m watching them fly by
  2. Practice counts. Little practice on good technique means my ability to play high percentage tennis is still low
  3. I cannot count on my serve anymore to get me out of trouble. I used to carve out times to work on my serve: in the morning, after work, after dinner. My desire to hit my spots was high in previous years and now it’s a mess. I average 10-12 double faults per match.

I peaked in May of this year, the earliest that I have peaked over the past 3 years. After CGO, I stopped reading the books, training at my level and improving on last year’s achievements. Shaky forehand, inconsistent serve and shoddy fitness are why I have not won a match this summer against players I should be beating on a regular basis.

So there it is, my game is in decline. Going to ensure I sign up for winter tennis and lessons soon so I stand a chance to correct the sliding scale. Expect 2010 to be my year to shine on court.


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