Can you survive ‘The Beach’?

During my staycation, a few friends stopped by the house, had drinks, shared laughs and desires to live in the area. I decided to take a minute to reflect on my experiences of the past couple of months and wanted to share the following, the top 10 most noticeable things that I link to ‘The Beach’:
1. Spiders – They are everywhere!
2. Raccoons – These critters are the size of dogs and creep into your garbage if not properly safeguarded. They also move along the rooftops of other houses
3. Debris on your car – Dew from the leaves
4. Leaves – See #3
5. Cyclists – Everywhere you turn, someone is on a bike
6. Joggers – Who wears short shorts? Everyone
7. Dogs – I have a cute puppy, most folks do around here, hence it’s more than likely you will share a sidewalk with a puppy parent
8. Pet Shops – Everywheren – again, not complaining
9. Furniture Stores – Some really nice gems along Queen
10. 24 Hour Streetcar – great if you are a night traveller, but the sound could keep even the lightest sleeper up at night

I still love the Beach. There are other notable things that make it a great place to live – the pool, the beach itself, the eateries and restaurants as well. I will be sure to revisit this to see if it still holds water after 1 year in the area.


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