I cannot deny that I am anxiously waiting for the completion of this diva’s comback. The release of Whitney Houston‘s album, ‘I Look To You’, is 6 weeks away. I’ve watched the likes of Mariah and Britney fall from grace and return with great material. I expect Whitney’s return to form to be like no other that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience in my lifetime.
She may recreate the same Grammy greatness that found her when she first debuted in the 80s with hits like ‘Saving All My Love for You’, ‘How Will I know’ and in the early 90s with her blockbuster hit ‘I Will Always Love You’ (I remember slow-dancing to that song and being mesmerized by her voice to the point I forgot that (a) I was dancing with a girl; and (b) behind the decorations, the ever-present stench of the elementary school gym). Even if she manages to secure a nomination, I’m sure it would be a small victory considering what has occurred over the past decade. Watching her win her Grammy in 2000 for ‘It’s Not Right, But Its Okay’ came at an awkward turning point for Ms Houston; by then her squeaky-clean image was starting to fray–allegations of drug abuse, marital problems and bizzarre behavior were the norm. Also she had grown up from the little girl who first graced The Tonight Show. She was a full grown woman, mother, and wife, in an all too unforgiving industry. If this album proves that Whitney has never left us despite all of her troubles, she’s already won. And if the album delivers up to expectations, then so will we.


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