Take me out to the ballgame

Mikey, Ed, Lauren, Rafa and I watched the Jays rise above a recent four-game losing streak to post another win over the Boston Red Sox, this time 3-1 Jays. Previously, I had only been to two other Jays games, once in 2003 and my first time back in 1992.

It felt good participating in the ‘wave’, chomping down a hot dog and and being among the 36,000 cheering fans at the Rogers Center. Baseball is not the kind of sport that I could watch on TV. It lacks the drama that I often pick up during either men’s or women’s tennis. The atmosphere makes the sport something worthwhile. The game was over within 3 hours – kudos Halladay.

I couldn’t help but think back to when the Jays repeated at World Series champs back in 92, 93. Joe Carter, Paul Molitor, John Olerud…those were the heroes at the time, the names I remembered talking about at lunch, at recess. The cards I traded. The people I admired. While I’m not as invested in baseball now than I was then, I wish the Jays luck this season. Would be nice to see a 2009 banner in the Rogers Center; I’d make a trip out to a playoff game if that happens.


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