One Week Later

The day started with Mikey and I having our first official breakfast together at home. Pancakes, bacon, coffee, the whole bit. We also layered in a trip to Loblaws, the dollar store (the ‘finish line’) and Home Hardware. I’m glad Mikey took the opportunity to tell me how shitty my initial pancakes were – that’s love. He called out the batter as the problem; who knows what it was, but I was pretty determined to redeem myself with this breakfast. Turned out nicely, crispy bacon, coffee, and fluffy buttermilk pancakes. We also fell in love with a little patio set that I hope we pick up tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

It was Adrian vs. the backyard on Saturday. I managed to work through the tall weeds – twisting and pulling. Even the neighbours who introduced themselves called out the previous owners for neglecting the yard. Still not done, but I’m anxious to lay down the seed within the next two weeks. BBQ housewarming is targetted for August – can’t wait.

Decided to surprise my mother with a visit before she headed off to work. This visit would mark the first time I saw her f2f since the move. I dialed the house once I crossed the 3/4 mark just to make sure (a) she was home; (b) wasn’t in the process of comforting one of her matches from eHarmony. The visit was not planned, but it was well received. After 10 minutes of general conversation, I let her know that I was on my way to the house; by then I was only 30 seconds away.

Richmond Hill had not seen rain for a few weeks — the lawns looked like straw. It started to pour as I pulled into the driveway. Mom made her way to the foyer to meet me after I put my key in the door. She looked great. Greeted her with a hug. She was wearing my DISCgruntled Executioners uniform from 2004, one of my old athletic shirts from my IBM days. Instantly, I thought, if she’s wearing my old clothes, she must have gone through my shit and picked the good stuff. Lo and behold the room was spotless–I did not leave it in that condition. I know her patterns so it was easy for me to find what I was looking for. We had a cup of tea, chatted about the external family and a bit about Shara and then I let her get set for work. Good catchup – it’s clear that she’s more adjusted with the move.


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