The Move

After almost two intense days of packing, unpacking, van driving, lifting and recycling, we have officially moved. The move itself has not sunk in yet (the gaping hole in my account, has, however); for 20 memorable years, I referred to Richmond Hill as home and as of Friday, this is no longer the case. We are the owners of a little house in the Beaches.

Our humble abode has a front and backyard, is accessible to the TTC and is eerily close to a Baptist Church (one of these days, I’m checking it out). There’s much to be done over the next few weeks until I can say that I feel ‘settled’ — yardwork, painting, the works. I was lucky to have had a smooth experience as a buyer. Lisa Andrews of the Wright Sisters provided great support during the entire process. We were also well represented by Korman and Company. And I cannot forget Mikey, who is fast asleep near me – we made it through without any hiccups. Lucky us. I cannot forget that we have also met our neighbours who took it upon themselves to make initial introductions.

It’s early Sunday (late Sat night), and I was itching to post something to capture this weekend. I’ll post additional thoughts on this weekend again, I’m sure. Until then: Homeowner. WOW.


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