Venus Envy

Wimbledon is my favourite Grand Slam of them all. I’ve been fortunate to have watched Chris Evert, Steffi Graf and Martina Navratilova all have their moments with the Venus Rosewater dish. Despite those great names, no other player for me inspires me more than Venus Williams when she plays on grass. On this surface she is near invincible; her confidence is more apparent than at any other slam, and with her stinging strokes and serve, she’s a lock for the favourite every year she enters the tournament.

Serena has also impressed me this year. She definitely burns with desire to return to the winner circle at the All England Club. She demolished Azarenka during their quarterfinal to setup a match against her old foe Dementieva whom she has beaten 2x this year already.

My current vexation is with the media’s fear of embracing another All-Williams final. These girls bring the ratings and no longer struggle with their “sisterly” bond when they go out to face each other. Miami 2009, Dubai 2009 – both are examples of tournaments this year where they went all out, matches were highly competitive and they went 3 full sets. This year would be no different as both sisters are in-form right now. I’m sick and tired about all of the chatter around either Venus or Serena losing before the final to allow another individual to contest the final rather than both Williamses. The tone suggests that they owe it to another woman to give them an opportunity as if they have gone well beyond their ‘allowed’ number of titles. I watched the French Open final this year; it was hardly entertaining. I was hoping that there was a way for both women to lose since both were playing below their gifts and it was painful to watch. Turning it back to the Williamses, we should support these girls as they are great for the sport of tennis. For tomorrow’s women’s semi finals, I definitely am pushing for the US to win the cold war.


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