Michael & The Move

While I have great respect for Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett, two celebrities who passed away earlier in the week, I can honestly say that I am among those who are still revelling in the news of last night’s passing of the King of Pop.

I remember singing Billie Jean and P.Y.T. when I was very young. Thriller was the first record that I ever learned to play on the record player. I’m sure I ordered the same album via Columbia House on tape and on CD from BMG from the 90s. Michael defined music for my generation.

Last night, we ventured back to the Bay to buy a bed and a dresser to complete the bedroom. En route, I was stopped by an interviewer and decided to give an interview and share how Michael Jackson impacted the world of music, as I knew it growing up. This afternoon, I received an IM from a travelling coworker who confirmed if it was in fact me whom she heard on the CBC. Awesome stuff.

We got some great deals the Bay on Queen. Can’t tell you how excited and equally that I am about the upcoming move. Next item – kitchen table.


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