Spring Forward

I wasn’t ready to lose an hour today. I didn’t go out last night, opting to stay in and recover from a hectic work week. However, I managed to be somewhat productive – checking the gym and various other errands off the list. My sleep has improved dramatically since I have started going to the gym on a consistent basis. I need to ensure that I also make time to go during the week or schedule a few tennis matches here and there so I’m able to peak for the CGO in May, also known as the Toronto stop on the GLTA circuit. (I have memories of cramping during tournament Saturday…I’m determined not to have that happen again).



I suffer from information overload – too much content, not enough time and too many things that I want to consume, read and touch all at the same time. I finally cracked open eyeQ – the program designed to help adults, children and students read and process faster in 7 minutes. After my first lesson my wpm increased by 50 words. I was sharing the results with my partner Michael and he was ecstatic and he may borrow the program when I’m finished.


I should have ample time to add morning workouts, a novel, drawing, condo hunting and a dinner with a friend with Michael this week. Fingers crossed.


Looking forward to the new Desperate Housewives tonight.

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